Solar Battle Armor

Essence fueled magitech battle armor, a jewel of first age craft


This armor is made of orchiladium (bonuses included in stats), holds 3 heartstone sockets and requires 10m of essence as well as a 3rd lvl heartstone to work properly

The armor provides following bonuses:
Filtration buffles – + 2 to resistanse vs posion, 1 hour of air supply
Sensoy augmentation visior – + 2 awareness, essence sight for 3 motes (+ ghost vision, see through dragon armor cloaking)
Exomuscular Fibers – + 2 to strength checks and damage
Peripatetic Greaves – Doubled movement rate; 10mph
marching movement rate.
Reinforced Gauntlets/Boots – allow fighting and parrying lethal damage with hands/feet
Adaptive Camouflage Subsystem- + 2 bonus to Stealth, + 3 while stationary. Defends vs Essence sight
Additional traits:
Enhanced Durability – + 3L/3B soak and + 2L/2B hardness (included in stats)
Essence Shield – 4m, 1 scene – increase DV by 2 vs melee and ranged
Essence Wings – 5m, 1 scene – fly at 20y/tick; 6m, [essence] hours – fly with 100 mph speed

Soak Hardness Mobil Fatig Attune
17 L/B 11 L/B - 0 1 10

Solar Battle Armor

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