Grand Daiklave of Conquest

2 handed version of earthshaking Daiklave of Conquest

weapon (melee)

Grand Daiklave of Conquest (level 5 artifact)

Same effects as Daiklave of Conquest (fear/courage etc.) except it has statistics of Grand Daiklave (includes bonus from orchiladium). 3 heartstones sockets

Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Rate Minimum Attune Cost Tags
5 + 3 + 12L/4 +1 3 Str ••• 8 ••• 2, O, P, R

Daiklaves of Conquest are forged for the greatest generals of the Old Realm. This one was made for special request of Krael who wished to wield a more powerful weapon, even sacrificing some of his defense. After all you need no defense against a dead opponent.

Grand Daiklave of Conquest

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