Blue Rose

Customised double-barrel Fiery Solar Cannon merged with a Firewand

weapon (ranged)

The gun consists of two separate barrels, first one able to fire projectiles made of pure essence that explode in sunburst on contact. The second barrel is able to shoot firedust as any other firewand. This customised weapon is smaller then usual Solar Cannon but still immensly heavy and it requires both hands to aim and fire.

Type Speed Accuracy Damage Rate Range Cost Minimum Attune Tags
Full Power Shot 5 + 3 + 18L 1* 300 2m Str ••• 8 2, ?
Half Power Shot 5 + 3 + 9L 1* 300 1m Str ••• 8 2, ?
Firedust 5 + 1 + 12L 1 10 •••/• - 8 2, F, S

The name of the weapon comes from the blue track that essence leaves after firing the weapons and the rosette pattern formed while shooting at separate targets.

Dmg 14L
Rate 1
Range 13
10 shots before reload

Blue Rose

Exalted Spelljammer Krackus