Skilled martial artist and wise Zenith Caste Solar, friend, advisor and combat rival of Krael


Established Solar about 147 years old, reborn after 253 years of life.


Amiresh's previous incarnation Straight after exaltation he became a respected Zenith Caste Solar and a great martial artist. Wise in politics and combat he was the only peer who could be a match for Krael’s power. As a result these two developed specific friendship and ended up commanding a large military unit together.

At age of 253 he was killed by his own bound Lunar Khalil. After he was reborn, he began to regain his power and position by the side of Krael.
For the past century he couldn’t make his mind about Khalil’s deed and hopes that future will bring the answer.

Always in shadow of previous incarnation


Exalted Spelljammer Krackus